A special message on the use of Dursban and Chlorpyrifos as grain protectants in Malawi

About Us

Our History and Our Goals

Pesticides Control Board was established by the Pesticides Act of 2000 amended in 2018 to control and manage the importation, exportation, manufacture, distribution, storage, use and disposal of pesticides in Malawi.
PCB was operating as a department in the Ministry of Agriculture but migrated to statutory status in 2019. It is a fully state-owned professional body. As a regulator of pesticides in the country, PCB is also a co-Designated National Authority (DNA) of the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for certain hazardous chemicals and pesticides in international trade.
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PCB has developed and reviewed necessary legal instruments, and standards to improve the delivery of services as per its mandate. PCB directly contributes toward sustainable agriculture production and productivity in support of the National Agricultural Policy (NAP)
PCB monitors pesticide residues in agricultural produce. This ensures food safety and quality and support international commodity trade.


To regulate Pesticides lifecycle through registration, issuance of permits, licences and enforcement to protect human and animal health and the environment


To control and manage Pesticides in Malawi


To be a model institution in pesticide management.

Our services


Life Cycle Management

At PCB, a comprehensive pesticide management strategy is implemented, encompassing legislation, regulation, production, application, risk mitigation, monitoring, enforcement, and the disposal of pesticide waste.

Training Services

The Pesticides Control Board provides training in various pesticide-related areas, including Fumigation, Vector Control, Public Health, and Field and Commercial Pesticide Application.

Pesticide Awareness

School presentations, community radio, television segments, and printed publications serve as diverse channels for communicating and spreading awareness about the dangers of pesticides to the public.

Safer Alternatives

The promotion of safer alternatives is being advanced by introducing a waiver for data requirements in biopesticide registration and reducing the registration fees by 60%. Our target is to ensure 10% of all registered products are biopesticides by 2024.

The Strategic Use of Biopesticides in Malawi

We are excited to be part of the Biopesticide-based residue mitigation project in the SADC region in order to achieve regulatory harmony with fellow Southern African countries. This will help promote trade, reduce reliance on synthetic chemicals and enhance our compliance with global MRLs. T see a list of registered Biopesticides in Malawi

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The Registrar,
Pesticides Control Board
Off-Thyolo Road,
Bvumbwe Agricultural Research Station,
P.O. Box 51300,
Tel: (+265)997-967-203 / 0887-030-517
Email: registrar@pesticidesboardmw.com

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 For more information on Pesticides Control Board please contact The Registrar.