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What is the process for registering pesticides in Malawi?
The registration process involves submitting an application to the Pesticides Control Board (PCB) of Malawi. This includes providing detailed information on the pesticide's composition, efficacy, safety, and environmental impact.
How long does it typically take for a pesticide to be registered in Malawi?
What are the requirements for becoming an agrodealer in Malawi?
Are there any training programs available for aspiring agrodealers in Malawi?
What responsibilities do agrodealers have regarding pesticide storage and handling?
How can I ensure that the pesticides I purchase from agrodealers in Malawi are safe and effective?
What role does the Pesticides Control Board (PCB) play in regulating the industry in Malawi?
Can individuals or companies import pesticides directly into Malawi?
What should I do if I suspect pesticide misuse or poisoning in my community?

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